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  1. Lockdown Drills for Youth Programs

    Planning, Practice, and Protection
    Scott Arizala & Sarah Kurtz McKinnon

    Lockdown Drills for Youth Programs All over the world, violence is an unfortunate part of life. Therefore, all youth programs need specialized emergency action plans (EAPs) and opportunities to practice those plans. Written and filmed in collaboration with law enforcement and risk management experts, this sobering video illustrates the design and execution of both lockdown and run-and-hide scenarios in response to an active shooter.

  2. Standard Precautions in Youth Programs

    Prevention, Protection, and Disposal
    Dr. Chris Thurber & Scott Arizala

    Standard Precautions in Youth Programs Bodily excretions are part of life, so all youth leaders need to know how to protect themselves and others. Blood, mucus, saliva, feces, urine, and other fluids can contain harmful viruses and bacteria that can be transmitted from one person to another. To keep your community healthy, this explicit video demonstrates the CDC’s "Standard Precautions" guidelines for prevention, protection, and disposal.