This year’s brand-new topic updates and additions include of basic, intermediate, and advanced content to meet the needs of your new staff, returning staff, program staff, and supervisory staff.

  1. No Losers

    Achieving Mutual Victory in a Competitive World
    David Conley

    No Losers Conflict arises when two people want different things. But what if that zero-sum game were banished? This innovative module explains the paradigm of Mutual Victory, where each person’s worth is validated and each person’s needs are carefully considered. More than simple compromise, implementing Mutual Victory means everyone can achieve their goals through cooperation, respect, and innovation.

  2. Respect is Learned, Not Given

    Five Tricks to Making Magic
    Dr. Deborah Gilboa

    Respect is Learned, Not Given Learn to earn respect by mastering the How, Where, Who, What, and Why of connection. Young people don’t respect leaders because they are wearing a staff shirt, a name badge, or sunglasses. Instead, respect hinges on the relationship a leader cultivates. This practical module unpacks the elements of respect in a way that is easy to understand and implement immediately. A leadership cornerstone.

  3. Becoming a Youth Development Professional, Part II

    Engage Your Brain
    Dr. Deborah Gilboa

    Becoming a Youth Development Professional, Part II Young adult brains are sometimes ridiculed for being immature, but every leader can learn how to make wise choices. In this lively and scientific module, you’ll learn about the most common vulnerabilities that cause inexperienced leaders to make poor choices and behave unprofessionally. Case studies will then guide your thinking about the best ways to become a thoughtful, respected, and careful mentor.

  4. Listening with More Than Ears

    Empathy for Youth Leaders
    David Conley

    Listening with More Than Ears When leaders show a deep understanding of what others are experiencing, that’s empathy. And empathy creates trust, creativity, and happiness. Using realistic examples from a variety of youth programs, this module brings empathy to life and demonstrates how restraint, reflection, rephrasing, labeling, and summarizing without judgment coalesce to form effective, empathic listening.

  5. 15 Passenger Van Safety

    Professional Driving for Youth Leaders
    Dr. Chris Thurber

    15 Passenger Van Safety 15-Passenger vans have unique handling characteristics that require special driving techniques and an understanding of proper weight distribution. This extended module reviews the essential pre-flight checks drivers must perform before transporting children, fundamental operator safety practices, and the proper way to load and drive a 15-passenger van. These detailed demonstrations are the perfect prelude to on-road practice.

  6. Kickin’ Kitchens

    Hygiene and Safety Fundamentals
    Dr. Chris Thurber

    Kickin’ Kitchens Want a kitchen that’s clean, safe, and organized? Here is the required module for all kitchen staff, including international hires. From proper handwashing and food handling to knife safety and kitchen communication, this video has it all. Bonus tips on arranging pantries and walk-ins will save you time and prevent injuries. It’s time to inspire the changes necessary to make your most important program shine.