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EOT is the acronym for Expert Online Training, the world’s best educational resource for youth leaders. EOT refers to our content and our learning management system together. Our most popular library of content is called Leadership Essentials.

We hope you do! We rotate full-length samples on our website here and we also link samples to some of our webinars, which you can view on our YouTube channel here. If you would like to see more videos, as well as learn about administering courses to your staff, we invite you to contact our Customer Success Team at 877-237-3931.

You can subscribe to the FULL PACK, STARTER PACK, or Child Welfare & Protection Course two different ways. Click here to subscribe online and pay securely with a credit card (VISA, MasterCard or AMEX). Alternatively, you can call us, toll-free at 877-237-3931. We can either take your credit card over the phone or you can mail us a check.

have designed an intuitive user interface that many subscribers teach
themselves how to use, simply by watching our HELP videos. (Once you are
logged in, click the HELP 24/7 button to view the video for the page you are on.)
If you still have questions, please contact our
Customer Success Team at 877-237-3931 (M-F, from 9-5 ET), or email . We look forward to helping you get the most
out of your EOT subscription!

If you are paying by check, be sure you complete the PDF information sheet first. That sheet must be mailed with your check. All checks must be in US dollars and made payable to Our mailing address for payments is: Expert Online Training / 32 Park Street / Exeter, New Hampshire / 03833.

Subscriptions can be purchased any time and automatically renew on October 15th. If you are a first-time subscriber, or if you are returning after a year or more of not subscribing, then any subscription you purchase this year between September 1 and October 14 will include all 12 months of the following subscription year (October 15th this year to October 15th next year), at no extra charge.

Like a Netflix subscription, your annual subscription to our FULL PACK gives you access to all the materials on Leadership Essentials: videos, quizzes, handouts, and statistical tracking. There are no hidden costs. Customization happens within your Director Dashboard, where you create courses to give each of your staff groups.

Yes! Your subscription includes the popular feature of being able to upload your own videos and PDFs directly to the EOT server. You can also create your own quizzes! Directors commonly use EOT’s custom content feature to add an orientation/induction video and to verify their staff’s understanding of their uploaded staff training manual. Only your staff see your custom content.

We hope you do! EOT is not only for pre-season training. Our videos, quizzes, and handouts add a lively and thought-provoking dimension to use during your on-site training. If you have fast Internet access on-site, simply connect a projector and speakers, log-in, and press play. If you do not have Internet, you will have to order a DRMed USB Data Disk to be able to watch the videos offline at camp. Call us at 877-237-3931 to get clear instructions on this process and order your USB Data Disk.

*Please note that the USB Data Disk works on both Windows and Mac OS except Mac OSX Mojave (10.14.*)

To use Expert Online Training, you will need:

  • A desktop or laptop computer with an Internet connection. The faster the better. Your staff can use any smartphone or tablet to complete their courses, but you’ll want to set things up for them on your computer.
  • A modern web browser. EOT works best on Firefox, Explorer/Edge, or Google Chrome. Please do not use AOL or Safari.
  1. Once you install Firefox, Explorer, or Chrome, you must enable Javascript. Click here for directions.
  2. After enabling Javascript, download a plug-in for your browser, called Adobe Flash. Click here to download.

That’s it! Now login with your username and password and you’ll be off and running. We’re happy to assist if you run into any snags. Call our Customer Success Team 877-237-3931 or email

As a director, you will have full access to an admin page, called your “Director Dashboard.” From that page, you’ll be able to monitor your staff’s progress. We are adding more detailed statistics in the coming months, so check back frequently to see what new details you can monitor about your staff’s learning progress.

From your admin page, called your “Director Dashboard,” you will be able to verify which staffed passed the course you assigned. Passing a course means watching a video at least one time and then achieving a passing score on the related quiz. Quizzes are seven, randomly ordered multiple choice questions, drawn from a bank of 10 questions. Passing = 6/7 or 7/7.

Online learning has a proven track record of effectiveness. In fact, recent research from the MacArthur Foundation found that “…youth engage in peer-based, self-directed learning online…and the outcome emerges through exploration, in contrast to classroom learning that is oriented by set, predefined goals.” In addition, an independent study by Dr. Zachary Wahl-Alexander at Northern Illinois University concluded: “Results of our two-year, independent study showed that staff who completed EOT courses before their on-site training reported significantly greater levels of competence in youth leadership, compared to those who received on-site training only.”

Yes, but be aware that learners who have started the course will now see the edited version. This may cause some statistical inconsistencies especially if you remove modules that some users have already completed. On the flip side, if you add more modules, users who have previously completed their course will now be in progress but will not be automatically notified of the new additions.

No. The videos are DRM protected, which does not allow
for downloading or playing offline. However, if you need to view EOT videos
offline because you are in a location without WiFi (or with very slow WiFi),
there is a USB option. To learn about this option, read the FAQ called "Can
I purchase a USB drive of the videos?"

The video training module library is copyrighted so burning DVD copies is not permitted. You have the legal right to watch these videos, either streaming or from a protected copy until your subscription expires. To continue using EOT, and check out all of our new content, you can renew your subscription. For uninterrupted access, contact us in early October.

If you need to view EOT videos offline
because you are in a location without WiFi (or with very slow WiFi), you may
purchase a USB drive that contains a DRM protected copy of EOT videos. The
USB drive works on both Windows and Mac OS, except for OSX Mojave (10.14.*)
and later. Call us to purchase your USB drive (877) 237-3931.

You have sharp eyes if you’ve noticed some procedural differences between what’s depicted in the videos and how things are done at your camp, parks & rec, or summer school. Please know that the child development content of Leadership Essentials has been carefully reviewed and vetted. That said, every program has different dress codes, lingo, and safety rules. Any important differences between what you see on EOT and what you do in your program are opportunities to teach your staff why you do what you do. You might consider starting a discussion thread on the topic in the Virtual Staff Lounge, right here on the EOT site.

Our Customer Success Team will contact you from time to time, to help you get the most out of your subscription. You can also contact us if you have a question about your subscription 877-237-3931. We can add staff accounts any time you make new hires. And if you have a few unused staff accounts at the end of the season, call us to figure out a good solution.

Yes! Each staff member who completes a course can print out a full-color diploma with their name on it. Each certificate of completion is accompanied by a second page—a syllabus—that lists which video training modules they passed in order to complete their course or courses. Here is the link to print certificates

Yes! Any staff member who wishes to pay a small fee can get CEUs (Continuing Education Units) from the University of Southern Maine. Some universities will accept CEUs from other schools; some do not. Staffs are encouraged to check with their home school for details. To learn more about CEUs, please contact Cindy Ziobrowski, who is EOT’s Director of Continuing Education: Contact Cindy

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