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Skills, smiles, and stamina. Your staff need it all…and EOT makes it easy. For only $29 per person (minimum order of 15), your staff can have annual access to our vast content library. Choose from our pre-made courses for New Staff, Returning Staff, Supervisory Staff, or Program Staff. Or, create custom courses by bundling any of our 140+ videos, each with a quiz and a handout. You can even upload your own videos or training manuals and make your own quizzes!

If all you need is a single, 60-minute course on abuse prevention and duty of care, we offer an annual subscription to our Child Welfare and Protection course that includes 12 FREE staff accounts. The total cost is only $199 and additional accounts are available for only $15 per staff member.

Leadership Essentials

The Ultimate Training Toolbox

  • Complete access to all content from all 29 faculty including the Child Welfare and Protection Library
  • 140+ videos, each with a quiz and PDF handout
  • Categorize your staff into logical groups (new staff, returning staff, program staff, supervisory staff, etc.)
  • Create a custom course for each staff group
  • Worldwide access on any device with WiFi
  • Upload your own videos, quizzes, or handouts
  • View staff performance stats on quizzes, etc.
  • Compare this year’s stats to previous years
  • Perfect for training international and domestic staff
  • FREE customer support on our toll-free number
  • FREE access to webinars and other bonus content
  • FREE access to both Android and Apple app
  • FREE access to a private Virtual Staff Lounge.

Additional Staff Accounts
$29 per Staff (minimum 15 staff accounts)

Child Welfare and Protection

A single, 90-minute course for all youth workers and outdoor educators. Covers: duty of care, professional online boundaries, safe touch, safe talk, and the ethical response to suspicions of abuse. Co-hosted by psychologist Chris Thurber and attorney Jack Erler. Meets many state requirements, including TX and NC.

$199 USD

Annual Subscription

First 12 Staff Accounts FREE

$15 per Staff


Homesickness intensity increases over time for the average first-year camper. With proper preparation, homesickness intensity can be cut in half and actually decrease over time. The result? More fun! (Source: Journal of Consulting & Clinical Psychology)

Prep4Camp includes a 25-minute video for families to watch together, a podcast for parents to listen to (on their way home from opening-day drop off), and a PDF tip sheet for kids to bring to camp. Get Prep4Camp today to enjoy all the benefits of camp tomorrow…without the hassle of intense homesickness.

Full-camp subscription for EOT subscribers
Full-camp subscription for non-subscribers
Individual family subscriptions


Over 30 videos covering safety, class management, tool usage, and many projects. Using only hand tools and portable woodworking stations, your campers can develop powerful life skills such as grit, confidence in their hands, safety, and even community. Train your staff on how to teach safety, manage classes, and create several projects for ages 6-16. Each project video has detailed printable instructions. Hosted by Mike Schloff, founder of Maplewoodshop.

Price (USD)
Full-camp subscription for EOT subscribers
Full-camp subscription for non-subscribers
Add 3 hours of live, remote consulting
Add 6 hours of onsite live training
Add tabletop woodworking stations, tools, and toolbox
* EOT Subscribers receive a 5% discount