Expert Online Training will engage all of your staff in pre-season learning, creating the perfect foundation for your on-site training. We have more than 140 video training modules on topics ranging from bullying prevention and safe touch to active lifeguarding and skillful supervision. Plus, each video is followed by a randomized multiple choice quiz to document comprehension, and a downloadable handout to reinforce learning.

Our faculty hand-craft every module (video + handout + quiz) and each faculty member is a specialist in his or her field, including psychology, medicine, law, education, nursing, management, and leadership. All EOT videos feature real staff, interacting with real kids, in realistic scenarios. Scroll down to watch full-length samples.

Shockingly Professional Talk, Part I

Young people are curious about everything, so they naturally pose challenging questions to youth leaders they trust. But knowing how to respond supportively and appropriately takes finesse. Hosts Jaha-Echols and Thurber offer elegant ways to respond to youngsters’ questions about sex, drugs, religion, politics, racism, and stereotypes with respect, calm, and an open mind.

Safe Touch & Safe Talk, Part II

One essential component at any high-quality day or overnight camp is the physical and emotional safety of the campers and staff. Although every camp has slightly different guidelines, this frank module demonstrates the essentials of what's forbidden and what's permitted. Adhering to these safe touch and safe talk rules helps protect your campers and you.

Download the Safe Touch Guidelines:

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