Daniel Redding

“At Strong Rock Camp, we have been using EOT for several years to train our incoming staff prior to their arrival on-site. We love EOT because the videos, quizzes and handouts give our staff a chance to focus their minds on being a professional role model prior to staff week. Great videos with solid content!”

Daniel Redding
Strong Rock Camp, www.strongrockcamp.com

Chanie Wilhelm

“Our camp really benefited from ExpertOnlineTraining.com’s services this past summer. Our staff was better prepared and well-equipped to deal with many different situations that arose during camp. We really feel that it made a big difference in our staff’s professionalism and overall responsibility. Thank you!”

Chanie Wilhelm
Camp Director, Camp Gan Israel of Greater New Haven

Cathy Scheder

“ExpertOnlineTraining.com is a dynamic extension of engaging and innovative in-person presentations from top talent. Short but thorough training videos provide the information you need staff to have before they come to camp. Specifically, the Active Lifeguarding module has content that EVERY lifeguard should watch and learn before they dip a toe in your pool, lake or river. Follow up with onsite, in-water skills training and your lifeguards and waterfront staff will be well prepared to keep a watchful eye over your campers this summer.”

Cathy Scheder, MS Ed
Author of Camp Waterfront Management

Brent Klaus

“At International Gymnastics Camp, we require all of our staff to complete the Leadership Essentials online training. Our staff’s response has been extremely positive and they tell us it demonstrates the camp’s dedication to their knowledge and preparation for the upcoming summer. We have found this training to be especially helpful with our international staff because it provides them with a cultural vision of American summer camp and allows them to arrive at camp with more confidence in the journey ahead.

Leadership Essentials is a key tool in our staff’s education because before they arrive for pre-camp training, Leadership Essentials has set the tone for the important role each staff member will play as a youth development professional. Above all, we know that Leadership Essentials facilitates a smooth transition from the outside world to the high expectations of camp life.”

Brent Klaus
Director, International Gymnastics Camp

Bobby Wiseman

“I must say that Leadership Essentials was a very productive and positive step forward for our staff. Our staff immediately applied many of the tools they learned from the video training modules. Many commented on the essential application of the homesickness prevention strategies. As both a camp director and cabin counselor I must commend your team on a timely, relevant, and appropriate presentation of various youth development subjects. Our staff was much better equipped to handle a variety of challenges and situations as a direct result of this training and supplementary information such as quizzes and handouts. I would recommend this program to any camp or youth development organization!”

Bobby Wiseman
Director, Camp Hemotion

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