Drew Glicker

“I just wanted to thank you for the quality and information in the videos you worked on. My initial reaction when we were instructed to watch the videos was skeptical; I was doubtful that I could learn much from a video that I did not already know from experience. After watching them so far, however, and completing the quizzes, I have found there is a great deal to learn and discover about counseling. Your integration of engaging strategies and effective resolutions was quite helpful. The homesickness training especially, an issue I have personally encountered and seen time and again among fellow campers, was particularly informative. Again, thank you for your work, and I can’t wait to finish the training!”

Drew Glicker
Counselor, Frost Valley

Daniel Zenkel

“Leadership Essentials represents a great leap forward for all day and resident summer camps. By providing online video training modules, Chris has put our industry at the cutting edge of staff training. The video modules are concise, engaging and well produced. Thank you, Chris.”

Daniel Zenkel
Founder and Former CEO, The Camp Group, LLC
Managing Principal, The Camp Professionals

Robert Peterson

Vermont State Parks used Expert Online Training to augment our annual three-day Park Manager training in 2016. As an organization, we recognized the value and need for a continuing education program for our front-line managers. At the conclusion of our spring training in early-May, we assigned each park manager eight pre-selected modules to complete by July 1st. EOT was a success with our Park Managers; the course content was stimulating, thought provoking and reemphasized key concepts learned at our three-day training in May. Feedback from the field was very positive and we consider the addition of EOT a valuable component of our 2016 training program.

Robert Peterson, Vermont State Parks

Andrea Zapcic

“More than any other educational tool we’ve used in the past, adding Expert Online Training set a tone of professionalism and raised expectations, which I’m delighted to say our staff rose to. The staff were diligent, attentive, and confident. Your content, having been refined through years of direct experience in the field, makes a profound difference year after year.”

Andrea Zapcic
Director, City of Rahway, Department of Parks & Recreation

John Dovic

We’ve been using expert online training for many years. First, it helps cut down pre-camp time. Second, it gets everyone on the same page before they even arrive. My staff enjoy the modules because they’re in short segments that can be completed at their own pace. The quizzes are great because they really do have to watch the videos. It’s made a huge difference in staff leadership and professionalism.

John Dovic, High Meadows Camp

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