January Webinar

Can Abuse be Prevented? Five Ways to Safeguard Our Kids

Join host: Dr. Chris Thurber and special guests: Jack Erler, Esq. for 30-minutes of enlightening discussion as well as live Q & A.

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Date: Tuesday January 14, 2020
Time: 1:00pm ET
Length: 45 minutes

Can Abuse be Prevented? Five Ways to Safeguard Our Kids

Recording: Preventing Abuse

Go beyond standard "safe touch" guidelines and learn how sexual and physical abuse can be prevented at your summer youth program. Join our experts for eye-opening discussions of: sensitive parent education, revealing interview questions, hidden architectural updates, kid-friendly consent role-plays, and support of healthy time off.

Safe Touch & Safe Talk, Part II

The only risk management video that elucidates our universal human vulnerability to cross boundaries with young people. Guidelines for safe touch and safe talk (covered in Part I of this series) are only half of the child welfare and protection picture. Youth leaders must also look inward to recognize the unhealthy seeds of secrets, rule-bending, favoritism, over-sharing. A must-see sequel.

Shockingly Professional Talk, Part I

Young people are curious about everything, so they naturally pose challenging questions to youth leaders they trust. But knowing how to respond supportively and appropriately takes finesse. Hosts Jaha-Echols and Thurber offer elegant ways to respond to youngsters’ questions about sex, drugs, religion, politics, racism, and stereotypes with respect, calm, and an open mind.