February Webinar

What are the Best Ways to Keep Staff Motivation and Morale High?

Join host: Scott Arizala and special guests: Doug Southerland for 30-minutes of enlightening discussion as well as live Q & A.

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Date: Tuesday February 18, 2020
Time: 1:00pm ET
Length: 45 minutes

What are the Best Ways to Keep Staff Motivation and Morale High?

Recording: Staff Motivation

You need staff who go the distance for you and go the extra mile for the kids. But what are the keys to cultivating staff energy and excitement? Join two directors-turned-consultants as they animate a lively list of powerful practices that maximize motivation. These free and low-cost strategies keep everyone’s leadership engine firing on all cylinders.

Difficult Management Conversations, Part I

Staff who overstep boundaries, underperform, break rules, or fail to integrate feedback require careful conversations with top-level supervisors. Yet even experienced directors sometimes blanch when it’s time to confront staff in trouble. This advanced module guides experienced supervisors through a balanced and logical process for tackling the most difficult management conversations.

Achieving Supervisory Balance

Even experienced supervisors struggle to set priorities, stay positive, and keep on top of their to-do list. This advanced module offers practical strategies for getting things done efficiently and effectively, without doing all the work yourself. Learn how to support your team, delegate tasks, prevent procrastination, maintain a positive attitude, and have enough time for yourself.