Leadership Essentials Topics

American psychologist Chris Thurber and Canadian entrepreneur Evan Heltay started the Leadership Essentials library in 2008 with a singular vision: create the world’s best educational videos for youth leaders. Knowing that directors never have enough time during their on-site training to cover all the topics required for accreditation and peace of mind, Chris and Evan created a self-paced, web-based library of modules (video + quiz + handout) that staff could access before, during, and after the season. To date, more than 6,800 summer youth programs have chosen EOT as the perfect complement to their on-site training.

The Leadership Essentials library is 120 modules strong and growing. Each year, our faculty update certain modules and create new ones, based on subscriber suggestions and current trends in youth development. Click on any of the category bars below to peruse titles and descriptions of individual modules. Once you have subscribed, you can bundle modules together to create custom courses for your different groups of staff, such as new, returning, program, and supervisory. Your personal admin page, or “Director Dashboard,” will allow you to monitor and document each staff member’s learning. And learning to be a phenomenal youth leader is what EOT is all about.

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