Accreditation Standards

Saskatchewan Camping Association (SCA) Standards

* All VideosP5
15 Passenger Van Safety
Active LifeguardingF48, P42, P43
Advanced Skills for Working with Difficult Parents, Part I
Advanced Skills for Working with Difficult Parents, Part II
Advanced Staff Supervision, Part I
Advanced Staff Supervision, Part II
Afterschool Program Success, Part I
Afterschool Program Success, Part II
Alcohol Beverage Laws
Anaphylactic EmergenciesF47, F48
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderP68-70
Autism Spectrum DisorderP68-70
Becoming a Youth Development Professional, Part IF23
Becoming a Youth Development Professional, Part II
Behavior-Based InterviewingF29
Best Boys, Part I
Best Boys, Part II
Boov Ship Game
Bullies and Targets, Part IP7, P9
Bullies and Targets, Part IIP7, P9
Burn Specific Programming, Part I
Burn Specific Programming, Part II
Canoeing Success, Part IP35-38
Canoeing Success, Part IIP35-38
Child Welfare and ProtectionF23
Children with Verbal Learning Disabilities
Christian Perspectives, Part I
Christian Perspectives, Part II
Classic Problem Solving
Confidentiality for Youth ProfessionalsP7, P8
Cracking Kids’ Secret Code
Cultivating Patience
Cultural Competence in Youth Programs, Part I
Cultural Competence in Youth Programs, Part II
Cyberbullying & SextingP7, P9
Day Camp Dynamics, Part I
Day Camp Dynamics, Part II
Day Camp Dynamics, Part III
Difficult Management Conversations, Part I
Difficult Management Conversations, Part II
Dot Painting
Duty of Care, Part IP7
Duty of Care, Part IIP7
Effective Debriefing Tools and Techniques
Equity and Diversity
Face-to-Face (Differently Abled Youth)P68-70
Fairytale Hats
Fire Building and Fire SafetyT17, F47-48
Fire Evacuation PlanningF47-48
Firing a Staff MemberF20
Get the Best and Forget the Rest P25
Girl Power
Good Sportsmanship vs. Foul Play
Hello Games
Helping Awkward Children Fit In
Homesickness at Day & Resident Camps, Part I
Homesickness at Day & Resident Camps, Part II
Jewish Perspectives on Child-Staff Relationships, Part I
Jewish Perspectives on Child-Staff Relationships, Part II
Jewish Perspectives on Staff Happiness and Stamina
Juggling Balls
Kachina Dolls
Kickin’ Kitchens
Leader of the Pack
Lifeguarding Skills VerificationP40
Listening with More Than Ears
Medical Preparation for Burn Camps
Move It Like You Mean It
No Losers
Out of the Pool and Into the WildP40
Outdoor Cooking with Youth
Playing with a Full Deck
Preventing Gossip and Relational Aggression
Programming For All (Differently Abled Youth)P68-70
Providing Effective Feedback, Part I
Providing Effective Feedback, Part II
Rainy Day Games
Regional Disaster Management for Youth ProgramsT8, T12.2
Respect is Learned, Not Given
Rules Were Made to Be Positive
Safe Touch & Safe TalkP7, P8, F23
Sand Art
Sexual HarassmentF22, F23
Skillful Discipline, Part I
Skillful Discipline, Part II
Speaking of Camp
Staff Use of the Internet
Stop Yelling Get the HINT
Supervising Junior LeadersP31
Swim Checks in ActionP40
Totem Pole
Waterfront Safety DesignP41, P43
We Squashed It! - Physical Aggression
We Squashed it! - Relational Aggression
Weather Watch
Wilderness WellnessP11
Winning Ways of Skilled Supervisors
Wise Use of Time Off
Youth Inspired


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