Jeff Daly

Meet Jeff Daly, a dedicated leader in the world of international exchange and youth development. With over three decades of experience, Jeff is the Owner and Director of International Exchange of North America (IENA). He is not only a seasoned camp professional but also a sought-after trainer and speaker at camp conferences worldwide.

Jeff’s journey in the world of camps and youth development began as a camper and counselor at the Frost Valley YMCA in New York. Over the years, he honed his skills, spending seven summers in various leadership roles at the camp. Jeff’s commitment to the YMCA’s mission led him to become the Senior Program Director at the Greater Philadelphia YMCA. Eventually, he returned to his beloved Frost Valley YMCA, this time as the Director of Camping Services. During his tenure there, Jeff also generously volunteered his time and expertise with the International YMCA and Global Camps Africa, sharing invaluable insights on being a successful staff member at camp.

As his career evolved, Jeff assumed the role of Executive Director for the YMCA of the Brandywine Valley while simultaneously co-founding 3 Adventures International Staffing. This innovative venture provided cultural exchange opportunities for international staff within the camping industry. Jeff’s leadership skills shone through as he successfully led a $3.6 million capital campaign for the YMCA.

In a pivotal moment, Jeff’s dedication and vision culminated in the merger of 3 Adventures with IENA in 2016. This merger propelled them to become one of the foremost providers of cultural exchange opportunities in the summer camp industry. IENA has thrived, fostering international connections, enriching the lives of countless campers and staff, and strengthening the global camp community since this merger.

When Jeff isn’t forging connections that transcends borders and enriching lives across the globe, he can be found cheering on his New York Giants while living in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Kelly, and their two children, Mary and Miles

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