David Conley

For over ten years, David Conley has been committed to the professional improvement of government and corporate employees nationwide. David has facilitated or developed programs for organizations such as General Mills and Veterans Affairs.

A trained writer, actor, and director, David develops “corporate theatre” programs that leave a lasting impression on participants. This impression makes it easier for participants to recall and apply the principles of his programs. In recent years, David has worked side by side with his brother, Larry, to teach the principles of Personal Leadership to fire service professionals across the nation. They are famous for their popular and compelling program, GLUE (Growing Leaders Using Empowerment). The concept of GLUE transcends all industries, making David and his brother favorite presenters at both corporate and youth leadership conferences. The GLUE personal leadership paradigm is also the training foundation for returning counselors at the Missouri Children’s Burn Camp, where brother Larry now serves as Director.

David has also developed educational materials on conflict resolution and teamwork for the Division of Family and Children’s Services in Atlanta, Georgia. In addition, he has participated in the critically acclaimed marriage maintenance training series, “Pressure Points.” This program teaches couples how to communicate effectively when confronted with common and dangerous situations.

When he is not providing training to the corporate sector or inspiring young people to greatness, David creates and tells stories through film. This allows him to study the human condition from various angles and enhances his ability to teach people on all levels, creating better people and relationships worldwide.


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