Prep4Camp includes a 25-minute video for families to watch together, a podcast for parents to listen to (on their way home from opening-day drop off), and a PDF tip sheet for kids to bring to camp. Get Prep4Camp today to enjoy all the benefits of camp tomorrow…without the hassle of intense homesickness.

  • Prep4Camp - Homesickness Prevention

    Dr. Chris Thurber

    Prep4Camp - Homesickness Prevention Prep4Camp cuts homesickness in half. Developed by psychologist and parent, Dr. Chris Thurber, Prep4Camp is the world’s premier homesickness prevention program…and the only one scientifically shown to reduce the intensity of first-year campers’ homesickness by 50%, on average. The package includes a 28-minute video for families to watch together and a podcast for parents to listen to on the way home from opening-day drop-off. That’s it. Brief. Simple. Effective.