In addition to your EOT Certificates of Completion, you can earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from Gratz College for every ten video training modules you complete. Earning your CEUs is as simple as 1-2-3.

Step 1:

Contact Lori Cohen via email. Be sure to include your name, how many CEUs you would like to earn, and your mailing address. CEUs are issued in December and June, at term's end. You earn 1 CEU for every 10 video training modules completed.

Step 2:

Enjoy learning! Your employer has assigned coursework, for which you may want to earn CEUs. Before your subscription times out on October 15th, you may wish to watch more videos, take more quizzes, and read more handouts that you find relevant and interesting. After completing your learning, download your Certificates of Completion and Transcripts. You will need to share these PDFs with Gratz College and with your university.

Step 3:

Submit payment by calling 877-390-2267. Have your credit card ready. The more CEUs you apply for at once, the more economical they are. One CEU costs $139; two cost $179; three cost $199. Once we've received your payment and verified your coursework, we'll mail your CEU certificate. Your CEUs are issued by Gratz College. Transferring these CEUs to your university is your responsibility and varies by school.


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