“As Directors of a Christian camp, we believe that the most important job we have is hiring and training our counselors. They create Alpine each summer for our campers. We want outstanding, high caliber, fun Christian college young men and we want to equip them with the best professional training in the country. That is why we have relied on Chris Thurber for a number of years at our Staff Training. Having experienced his energetic, positive, practical seminars in person, it was a no brainer for us to sign on with Expert Online Training.

Hopefully, the young men we hire sign on because they are pumped about camp, ready to serve boys and have a profound positive impact on boys’ lives. What EOT did was allow them to think about how they were going to accomplish this before they even arrived at camp. I believe it gave our staff a huge leg up during Staff Training and we will definitely be using EOT again.”

Glenn Breazeale
Director, Alpine Camp for Boys

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