They’ve got Dr. Phil, we’ve got Dr. Chris! – (Thurber that is.) Chris has always wanted staff at his YMCA camp to have a head-start on training while their enthusiasm is really high…before they even get to camp. And he’s sharing the result with other camps as a subscription service that lets you pick which online video training modules you want to require your staff to view before camp starts. The service even gives you a real-time roster of each of your staff members’ progress! The range of topics includes things you need to cover but usually don’t have the expertise. The presenters are a who’s who of popular conference speakers; but filming them in the outdoors and including “real life” camp footage (that would make anyone eager for camp to start) should make the lessons “stick”. Chris has a similar setup [called Medical Essentials] for camp nurses and doctors, too.”

Gary Forster
Gary Forster, LLC

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