WHAT’S THE DEAL? Got a great youth leadership technique to share with the world? Showcase your wisdom in a 60-second video, shot on your smartphone, that clearly demonstrates the skill. If your video is approved by our faculty, then your summer youth program will win five free staff accounts--a $70 value! You’ve got nothing to lose and both fame and fortune to win!

Sample 60-Second Seminar

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Your video must be 60 seconds or shorter. Longer videos will not be considered. The video need not be professionally filmed, but must have good lighting and clear sound. (Remember, lots of people will be watching the video if it’s approved for posting.) Begin by introducing the problem that your strategy solves, such as, “All young people have trouble paying attention.” Then, describe and demonstrate your solution. End the video by stating your name and our 60-Second Seminar tagline: “That wraps up this 60-Second Seminar. For Expert Online Training, I’m [ state your name ]. Have a great summer!”

PERMISSIONS NOTE: Your submission indicates your permission for EOT to use your image online, with no other compensation than five free staff accounts. And if your video includes anyone under 18, please send a signed Minor Model Release Form to chris@expertonlinetraining.com

Upload your 60-Second Seminar

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