Because nothing is more important than the relationship between your staff and the children they serve, we offer the finest online content for youth development professionals.

Our internationally renowned faculty has created nearly 100 innovative videos that will teach your staff how to supervise, lead and nurture healthy relationships.
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"With more and more mandated staff training, and less and less time to accomplish it prior to camp, this series is a godsend! The videos are well-produced, authentic, succinct, with relevant and appropriate content. I love the manageability and online convenience -- for me and for my staff."

Karen Rosenbaum Karen Rosenbaum
Owner/Director, TIC Summer Camp
"We've been training our staff with for two years. Instead of absorbing huge amounts of information in a few days at camp, our staff can pace themselves by watching EOT videos at home. Completing a lot of topics before arrival gives them more time to prep in their activity areas during staff training week and helps them get in the right mindset for camp. They..." Read entire testimonial

Rick Mades Rick Mades
Camp Director, Maine Arts Camp
"Diabetes camps help people affected by diabetes lead healthier, happier, and more productive lives through good diabetes management. The Diabetes Education and Camping Association (DECA) provides leadership and education to better enable diabetes camps to fulfill this purpose. We are very excited to partner with Dr. Chris Thurber and the American Diabetes Association, in bringing Leadership..." Read entire testimonial

Lorne Abramson Lorne Abramson
Diabetes Education & Camping Association
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Online Summer Camp Staff Training

With ExpertOnlineTraining staff training starts today! We are proud to offer three customizable libraries of training materials—videos, flash presentations, quizzes, and handouts—to jumpstart your training.

Leadership Essentials, features nearly 100 videos that teach critical leadership skills every staff member needs to effectively deal with intense social, behavioral, disciplinary, and supervisory challenges.

Safety Essentials, designed by child psychologist Dr. Christopher Thurber and attorney Jack Erler, is an extended course on child welfare and protection. Completing the course satisfies the requirement in many states and provinces.

Clinical Essentials, designed by Dr. Chris Crean and Dr. Skip Walton, this advanced content library provides practical clinical guides and accessible reference material for nurses, physicians, EMT’s and PA’s who are treating youth in outdoor settings.

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