Larry Conley is the president and lead instructor of Leadership Development Concepts, LLC. He travels the country to present his popular and compelling program, GLUE (Growing Leaders Using Empowerment). The concept of GLUE was born in the fire service, where Larry successfully juggles many leadership roles. However, the principles of GLUE transcend all industries, making Larry a favorite presenter at both corporate and youth leadership conferences. The GLUE personal leadership paradigm is also the training foundation for returning counselors at the Missouri Children’s Burn Camp, where Larry now serves as Director.

Larry’s storied history with camp began in 2002 in a familiar way: “I just wanted to do it for one year, for the experience.” Since that time, Larry has served as counselor, group leader, quartermaster, CIT leader, assistant camp director and now 4 years as Camp Director. He believes camp is an experience all youth should experience at least once. “Getting away from some of the modern conveniences to connect with nature and other youth helps shape character in a own unique way,” says Larry. “The counselors’ healthy leadership example is one of the best way to impact campers.” Larry is invested in the concept of “more is caught than taught,” a kind of inside-out leadership model that emphasizes interpersonal interactions over didactic instruction.

Outside of the camp world, Larry’s initiative and creativity are put to work in his roles as: Captain of the St. Louis Fire Department (Truck 13C); President of the Parkway Gardens Neighborhood Improvement Association; Chief Instructor for the Highlander Fire Academy St. Louis Community College at Forest Park; Director at Large for the ISFSI (International Association of Fire Service Instructors); President of the Supervisory Committee and Board Member St. Louis Firefighters Credit Union; and Co-Chair of the Fire Education Subcommittee Missouri Community College Association.

Larry and his brother David Conley are authors of numerous articles on personal leadership.

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