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Our flagship content library for youth development professionals is Leadership Essentials, which includes more than 92 videos, each about 10 minutes long. To test comprehension, each video is followed by a seven-question multiple-choice quiz. In addition, to extend learning each video comes with a downloadable handout.

We invite you to watch these two selections, take the quiz, and download the handout, for free. If you like what you see, you can set up a fully functional Free Lite Account, which gives you and your staff access to two more videos. For complete access to the entire Leadership Essentials library, we invite you to purchase a yearly subscription. Call us today for special pricing. Toll-free (877) 237-3831.

Active Lifeguarding

The camp tradition of hiring newly certified lifeguards without real-world experience is woefully inadequate. Inexperienced lifeguards are often poorly equipped, fail to scan properly, and neglect regular practice of emergency action plans. This crucial module teaches staff how to prepare for their work as lifeguards, scan for distressed or drowning campers, and practice skills and drills. A safety essential.

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Youth Inspired

Of all the staff training content available, the testimonials in this module are the most indispensable. The authentic voices of children and teens in this clip anthology provide candid advice to adults about the importance of balance, rules, having fun, keeping your cool and—above all—spending time with young people. Learn from experience what leadership practices separate the best from the rest.

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